Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Medical team of qualified specialists who receive constant upskilling and have many years of experience in interventions with best results. Thanks to a clear advice concerning the most adequate treatments and the accurate patient care, Clinica Rotger is considered as a reference centre for plastic surgery.


Breast Surgery
· Female and male breast surgery
· Areola and nipple surgery
· Gynecomastia
· Tuberous breast correction
· Breast augmentation
· Breast reduction
· Breast lift
· Replacement of breast prosthetics

Body Contouring Surgery
· Abdominoplasty
· Liposuction
· Lipectomy
· Arm and thigh lift surgery
· Lipofilling or autologous lipotransfer, a technique by which autogenous fat is harvested from a donor site and reinjected into the area to be treated
· Bariatric surgery and reduction of body volume

Other Surgeries
· Facial rejuvenation and neck lift
· Rhinoplasty
· Otoplasty
· Blepharoplasty
· Genital surgery
· Reconstructive surgery
· Microsurgery

Location Sixth floor

Schedule Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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What is?

Mammoplasty or breast augmentation is a surgical intervention aimed at improving the shape and size of the female breast.

Mastopexy is a surgical procedure that consists of raising and improving the shape of sagging breasts, through the implantation of breast prostheses. Breast augmentation and lift are procedures that can be combined in a single intervention.

In the first visit, the specialist evaluates the general state of health of the patient and questions such as the firmness of the skin, the shape and size of the breast. In the same consultation, the different surgical techniques are explained and the most appropriate one is indicated in a personalized way. As well as, the specific preparation that the intervention requires.

Surgical intervention
The surgery lasts between 1 and 2 hours. It is carried out by accredited specialists with regulated training, in a hospital center with specific operating rooms and intensivist and resuscitation teams coordinated to intervene in the event of any setback.

After surgery
Once the intervention has been carried out, the patient recovers her normal life after 7 days. Although initially, help is required. The discomfort of the intervention is softened with the prescription of analgesics and progressively subsides.

Reconstructive Microsurgery

Reconstructive Microsurgery

Thanks to microsurgical techniques, damaged or missing structures of the patient can be reconstructed or replaced, ensuring the perfusion of the transplanted tissue by connecting microscopically small blood vessels and nerve structures.

Microsurgery has applications in many fields, for example: in cancer patients for the reconstruction of breast tissue, in sarcomas or head and neck tumours, as well as in patients with sequelae of acute trauma such as traffic accidents, accidents at work or even chronic trauma, and also in patients with severe sequelae of burns.

In some of these situations, being able to carry out this type of intervention with maximum safety guarantees and with expert specialists can be a differential factor in saving a certain tissue or a patient's limb.

Among other advantages, the Reconstructive and Reconstructive Microsurgery Unit at Clínica Rotger achieves:

More radical surgical resections or in more advanced cases.

- Aesthetic and functional restoration to restore the form and function of the lost tissue.

- Minimisation of postoperative complications thanks to the provision of highly vascularised tissue.

- Selection of the most suitable donor tissue to restore form and function.