The new Surgical Unit on the third floor of Clinica Rotger has an area of 2,700 square metres used exclusively for surgical procedures and deliveries.

The new facilities double the surgical capacity of Clinica Rotger and are prepared to perform practically all currently available surgical techniques under the best safety conditions.

Facility on the third floor


Operating theatres for highly complex operations
Delivery rooms
Caesarean section operating theatre
Hybrid operating theatre
Operating theatres for major outpatient operations
Da Vinci Xi Robot Surgery Equipment
Endoscopy rooms
Área Quirúrgica Clínica Rotger Quirónsalud

Differentiated access plan to the third floor

  • Plano Cirugía Alta Complejidad
  • Plano Cirugía Ambulatoria
  • Plano Unidad de Obstetricia

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Technical equipment


Robot Da Vinci Xi

  • The most advanced Robotic Surgery Equipment
  • Wide three-dimensional vision in high definition.
  • Robotic arms with 360º rotation
  • Access to anatomically complex areas
Robot Quirúrgico Da Vinci Xi en el Quirófano de Clínica Rotger_3

Hybrid Operating Theatre


Perseus Anaesthesia Tower


Intelligent Operating Theatres (Blue Light)

  • Blue light allows surgeons to rest their eyes when looking away from the surgical field.
  • According to some studies, this optical advantage leads to better surgical results.
Quirófanos Inteligentes-Luz-Azul-Clínica-Rotger-Hospital-Mallorca

Laparoscopy tower equipped with:

  • 4K image resolution
  • 3D technology
  • Fluorescence

Smart operating theatres equipped with 3 screens for:

  • Uniform control of the environment.
  • Image or video consultation on the examinations performed on the patient and information on his medical history.

Quirófano Integrado

  • Remote control of integrated audiovisual equipment

Modern neuronavigation


Patient safety

“The new operating theatres at Clinica Rotger reflect significant advances in patient safety:

“All these elements allow for more efficient cleaning and a reduction of microbiological contamination in the surgical environment”.


Operating theatres for outpatient surgery

Four operating rooms

  • Similar technical equipment and the same configuration as for the highly complex operating theatres to achieve the best surgical results in all types of pathologies.

Two endoscopy rooms

  • 4K image quality and an innovative radiofrequency and Argon system that can perform even the most complex techniques.
  • The endoscopy rooms have their own disinfection area and positive pressure system, which is another guarantee of patient safety.

Recovery room

  • The Major Outpatient Surgery Unit has its own recovery area with single rooms offering maximum comfort and privacy.
  • There is a centralised patient monitoring system that allows patients to be followed up from the nursing control centre.

Clinica Rotger is the private health centre where most births take place in the Balearic Islands. A first-class hospital, equipped with the latest technology and a new maternity ward. Clinica Rotger’s maternity ward is modern, welcoming and fully equipped with technology and safety systems, and has the most important features that allow the mother to design the delivery room and its environment according to her wishes.

Sala de parto con bañera y equipada con experiencia sensorial y elementos de confort

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