Clínica Rotger’s Allergology Service specializes in the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of different allergological pathologies, in children and adults.

These pathologies require a thorough allergological examination, including Prick-tests, skin tests for the determination of allergenic agents for the affected patients, pulmonary function tests, as well as allergy related blood tests in the laboratory.


Skin tests:

· Respiration allergies
· Food allergies
· Allergy to Hymenoptera
· Allergenic agents of the operating environmen (work-related alllergies)
· Allergy to medicines

Asthma diagnosis:

· Simple spirometry
· Forced spirometry / flow-volume curves, with special entertainment programmes for children
· Bronchodynamic tests
· Airway resistance
· Inhalative bronchial tests, with specific and nonspecific allergenic agents, with methacholine
· Determination of nitrogen oxide concentration in the breathing air
· Endurance test (asthma caused by physical activity)

Diagnosis of rhinitis and hay fever:

· Active anterior rhinomanometry
· Tests for allergic conjunctivitis and nasal allergy, with specific respiratory pathogens, work-related allergenic agents, etc.

Skin allergy testing:

· Contact dermatitis: standardized method for epicutaneous testing of sensitization to cosmetics, metals, work-related allergenic agents, and other contact allergy agents
· Urticaria
· Atopic eczema

Testing for drug allergies:

· Skin testing with medicines
· Controlled contact with medicines
· Induction of drug tolerance

Testing for food allergies:

· Controlled contact with food and additives
· Molecular diagnosis of food allergy
· Induction of food tolerance (milk, eggs)
· Fructose and lactose intolerance tests, bacterial overgrowth
· Gluten intolerance test

Department for specific allergen immunotherapy (vaccination)

Location Second floor

Schedule Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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