Delivery at the Clinica Rotger

Clinica Rotger is the private health centre where most births take place in the Balearic Islands. A first-class hospital, equipped with the latest technology and a new maternity ward. Clinica Rotger’s maternity ward is modern, welcoming and fully equipped with technology and safety systems, and has the most important features that allow the mother to design the delivery room and its environment according to her wishes.


Obstetrics and maternity ward of the Clinica Rotger

Delivery at the Clinica Rotger

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So that the birth of your child goes the way you want it to!

When the time is right and the overall course is favourable, the “birth plan” agreed with the professionals is drawn up according to the wishes and ideas of the expectant mother.

During labour you are:

· in your individual delivery room, arranged according to your wishes.

· in constant company by your partner or a family member of your choice.

· and supported by a team of professionals consisting of: Gynaecologists, midwives and neonatologists, to whom you can communicate any changes or wishes and who will ensure that everything goes according to plan.

The delivery rooms are fully equipped to support you during the dilation process and have a sensory experience system that allows you to choose the aroma of your room, the intensity and colour of the light and the music from your pre-selected playlist.

Clinica Rotger’s new obstetric area also has a bathtub where you can give birth under water if you wish.

Finally, we have an integrated operating theatre exclusively for caesarean sections and a resuscitation room that, thanks to its structure and technology, allows the baby and the mother to be together at all times.

Unidad Obstetricia Clinica Rotger Quironsalud
Dra-Ana Martínez-Jefa-de-Servicio-de-Ginecología-Dra-María-Antonia-Serra-Coordinadora-de-Educación-Maternal

"You decide for yourself how you want to experience the birth of your child".


Delivery rooms

The new Obstetrics Department – Delivery at Clinica Rotger is equipped with the latest technological facilities in the following areas:

· 5 delivery rooms
· Bathtub for dilatation under water
· Specific area for neonatal care

In the same environment there is also a waiting room exclusively for family members waiting to meet the baby.

The new delivery rooms are equipped with a wide variety of facilities to ease the discomfort during labour and delivery.

· Pilates balls and vines, shower in each delivery room and multi-position bed.

Sala de Partos Clínica Rotger Quirónsalud
Sala de parto con bañera y equipada con experiencia sensorial y elementos de confort


Dilatation in the bathtub

The modern equipment of the obstetric area of the Clinica Rotger includes a delivery room with a bathtub.

The dilatation phase in water is just as safe as out of water. However, it has been proven that warm water helps to reduce pain during dilation and gives women greater control over the delivery. In addition, women can return to bed at any time to give birth or choose a different method.

  • Bañera Sala de Partos Clínica Rotger

Sensory experience

The new delivery rooms at Clinica Rotger offer a personalised sensory experience with aromatherapy, music therapy and colour therapy, always tailored to the tastes of the woman giving birth, to create an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being throughout the process of dilation and labour.

Multi-position bed

The delivery rooms are also equipped with very comfortable multi-position beds for resting, which allow the expectant mother to adopt the most comfortable position or the one she prefers, depending on the stage of labour, from dilation to delivery, thus ensuring freedom of movement.


Caesarean section operating theatre and resuscitation room

In the event of a caesarean section, the Obstetrics department of the Clinica Rotger has its own operating theatre, located in the same department, as well as a room for resuscitation after a caesarean section, equipped with the appropriate equipment, monitoring and safety measures to allow the mother to remain close to her baby at all times.

  • Quirófano-de-Cesareas-Clínica-Rotger-Hospital-Mallorca
  • REA-Clínica-Rotger-Hospital-Mallorca
  • REA-Clínica-Rotger-Quirónsalud-Hospital-Mallorca
  • REA-Clínica-Rotger-Quirónsalud
  • Incubadora-de-transporte-Clínica-Rotger-Hospital-Mallorca
  • Incubadora-de-transporte-Clínica-Rotger-Quirónsalud-Hospital-Mallorca

360º visit of the Obstetrics Unit

Would you like to know all the details about the new obstetric ward – delivery at Clinica Rotger?

We invite you to navigate through the department on a realistic 360º visit and discover the delivery rooms, the bathtub, the caesarean operating theatre, the resuscitation room and all the details we have paid attention to so that you feel at home. 

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Dra. Ana Martínez - Jefa de Servicio de Ginecología | Dra. María Antonia Serra - Coordinadora de Educación Maternal

Dr Ana Martínez – Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Clinica Rotger
María Antonia Ramón – Coordinator of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Clinica Rotger

Servicio Médico Ginecología Clínica Rotger Hospital Mallorca

Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the Clinica Rotger

Equipo de Educación Maternal Clínica Rotger Hospital Mallorca

Delivery team of the Clinica Rotger

Delivery at the Clinica Rotger

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