Adolescent Health Unit Adolescent Health Unit

Adolescent Health Unit

The Adolescent Health Unit acts as a link between the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood, between 14 and 21 years of age. In addition to monitoring the patient’s general state of health, the task is also to work on behavioural and mood problems and the prevention of risk factors and unhealthy behaviour.

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Allergology Allergology


The centre for Allergology und asthma is specialized in the clinical diagnosis, and the comprehensive treatment of different allergological pathologies, in children and adults.

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Angiology and Vascular Surgery Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Angiology and Vascular Surgery

El Servicio de Angiología y Cirugía Vascular ofrece el tratamiento de todas las patologías estéticas y de salud, relacionadas con venas, arterias y vasos linfáticos…

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Back Unit Back Unit

Back Unit

A Multidisciplinary Unit aimed at the management of back disorders with a conservative strategy, when surgery is not yet indicated, and which in turn collaborates with other hospital specialties such as Traumatology, Neurosurgery, Rehabilitation, Pain Unit, Rheumatology and Radiology.

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Cardiology and Haemodynamics Cardiology and Haemodynamics

Cardiology and Haemodynamics

Examination of cardiovascular diseases, as well for prevention as for treatments, in order to offer the best individually personalized solution for each patient.

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Cardiovascular Surgery Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

Specialists for the surgical treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases.

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Clinical Analyses Clinical Analyses

Clinical Analyses

Thanks to the central location, the good reachability, the extensive opening hours, the rapid and personal care and the comfortable access to the results through the Patient Portal App of Quironsalud, the laboratory is an excellent support for medical prevention, early detection and follow-up care for diseases.

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Dermatology Dermatology


A team of qualified dermatologists for the individual care of patients with any kind of skin disease…

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Diagnostic Radiology Diagnostic Radiology

Diagnostic Radiology

Experts in Neuroradiology, Cardiac Radiology, vascular studies, Electrophysiology, Interventional Radiology, as well as examinations of throat, thorax, abdomen, locomotor system and oncological conditions, with experts in the care of breast cancer. All images are three-dimensional and in high definition.

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Emergencies Emergencies


Clinica Rotger is the only private medical centre with Emergency Unit for adults and children in the centre of the city, which is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day. It brings together specialists of General Medicine, Traumatology and Paediatrics, who are always personally available in the facilities of the hospital.

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Endocrinology and Nutrition Endocrinology and Nutrition

Endocrinology and Nutrition

The Unit has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team for all specialties of the department: endocrinology, diabetes, adiposity and clinical nutrition.

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Foot and Ankle Unit Foot and Ankle Unit

Foot and Ankle Unit

The Foot and Ankle Unit is a multidisciplinary medical-surgical department specialized in the comprehensive treatment of pathologies related to the foot and ankle.

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Gastroenterology Gastroenterology


Treatment of pathologies related to the digestive system, thanks to prestigious specialists and highly advanced gastroscopy and colonoscopy techniques.

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General and Digestive Surgery General and Digestive Surgery

General and Digestive Surgery

A medical team is always in attendance for the treatment of emergencies, specialized for the application of the most advanced minimal invasive interventions.

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Gynaecology and Obstetrics Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

The prestigious specialists of the medical staff are trained for a comprehensive care in all women’s life phases.

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Haematology and Haemotherapy Haematology and Haemotherapy

Haematology and Haemotherapy

The department for Haematology is specialized in the preparation of the transfusions required by the patients of Clinica Rotger.

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Hospital Pharmacy Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy

The hospital pharmacy is in charge of the promotion and control of a correct use of medicines and medical products, on the base of scientific facts and in consideration of the safety, efficiency and effectiveness criteria.

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Intensive Medicine Intensive Medicine

Intensive Medicine

In the intensive care unit, the patient is permanently monitored and cared for by highly qualified professionals who never forget the delicate moment experienced by their patients.

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Internal Medicine Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

The department of Internal Medicine offers a comprehensive care for adult patients. The cooperation with the Emergency Unit and the Intensive Care Unit ensures that emergency patients receive a better care and a treatment according to the protocol.

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Maternity Preparation Maternity Preparation

Maternity Preparation

The Unit is specialised in the medical pregnancy assistance, the preparation for delivery, the postpartum period, and the newborn care.

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Neonatology Neonatology


The Intensive Care Unit is equipped with the latest technology and has professional experts for the specialized monitoring of newborns.

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Nephrology Nephrology


Its field is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases and their consequences.

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Neurology Neurology


Specialists for the treatment of neurological pathologies, in cooperation with the Neurosurgery’s team.

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Neurophysiology Neurophysiology


Diagnosis and therapy approach from a functional point of view of disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system as well as primary muscle diseases and the treatment of various sleep disorders, both in children and adults.

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Neurosurgery Neurosurgery


Clinica Rotger maintains a coordinated work philosophy in its Neurological Institute, which offers specialized assistance 24 hours a day, using the latest technological advances for individualized diagnosis and treatment.

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Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine Institute of Clinica Rotger has the only PET-TC and SPECT equipment in the private healthcare sector on the Balearic Islands, an advanced technology that makes it possible to carry out all the examinations of the Nuclear Medicine Department.

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Oncology Oncology


Specific care for oncological patients, by experts for the care and assistance at every step of the treatment.

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Ophthalmology Ophthalmology


The Ophthalmology department of Clinica Rotger works in collaboration with the Institut Oftàlmic de Mallorca, a reference for specialists and technology in Majorca since 1984.

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Care of patients who need a solution for complex aesthetic or functional problems in the mouth and jaw area: Face, mouth, teeth, jaw…

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Otorhinolaryngology Otorhinolaryngology


The multidisciplinary team of Clinica Rotger is a reference in otolaryngology in the Balearic Islands, offering a comprehensive service to provide patients with comprehensive care.

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Paediatrics Paediatrics


A highly specialized team for medical care of any kind of disease of paediatric in and out-patients, as well as in the Emergency Unit.

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Pain Therapy Unit Pain Therapy Unit

Pain Therapy Unit

The integrated department for pain therapy (ITID) of Clinica Rotger offers specialised care to improve the quality of life of patients, applying healthy habits at all levels: psychological, nutritional and physical.

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Pathological Anatomy Pathological Anatomy

Pathological Anatomy

The coordinated service of Pathological Anatomy uses applied techniques on biopsy, autopsy and cytology-derived samples.

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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

The latest techniques in the field of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, under the best safety conditions…

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Pneumology Pneumology


The department specializes in the examination and treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases.

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Podiatry and Biomechanics Podiatry and Biomechanics

Podiatry and Biomechanics

Dentro del cuidado de la salud de las extremidades inferiores, la Clínica Rotger ofrece un servicio de Podología, integrado en la Unidad de Pie y Tobillo.

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Rehabilitation Rehabilitation


The facilities and equipment are completely up to date with the latest technology for electrotherapy treatments.

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Rheumatology Rheumatology


The department is committed to early diagnosis and treatment of rheumatological diseases in order to avoid permanent damage and improve the quality of life of patients.

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Robotic Surgery Unit Robotic Surgery Unit

Robotic Surgery Unit

La Cirugía Robótica mejora las prestaciones de la Cirugía Laparoscópica en accesibilidad y visibilidad de la anatomía del paciente.

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Thoracic Surgery Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

The Thoracic Surgery Unit carries out surgical treatments of pathologies between the chest wall and the diaphragm, with the exception of surgery of major blood vessels, and heart or spinal column surgery.

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Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery

Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery

Experts in the realization of the most modern treatments, and surgical and microsurgical techniques, in order to offer the patient a comprehensive care, which includes everything from the diagnosis to the surgical intervention if necessary, as well the postoperative care and rehabilitation.

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Traumatology of the Spine Traumatology of the Spine

Traumatology of the Spine

Treatment of the main pathologies of the spine, in particular degenerative diseases such as traumatic arthrosis, vertebral fractures and tumors of the spine.

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Trichology and Hair transplant Unit Trichology and Hair transplant Unit

Trichology and Hair transplant Unit

This service applies, in a hospital environment and under the supervision by experts for hair and scalp disorders, the Micro-FUE technique of Clinica Rotger, one of the worldwide most advanced methods for the treatment of hair loss and baldness.

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Urology Urology


The Urology Department of Clinica Rotger is a multidisciplinary unit of 2 urologists covering the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of urological and andrological pathologies.

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