Maternity Preparation

Clinica Rotger has specialists for all fields in relation to pregnancy assistance, the preparation for delivery, the postpartum period, and the newborn care.


The midwives of Clinica Rotger have many years of experience in private medical obstetrics.

The expectant mothers receive a comprehensive care and assistance: medical pregnancy assistance, obstetrics, the initiation of breastfeeding, and postnatal care.

The main objective of the Maternity Ward is to provide the expectant mothers and their partners with assistance and support for a responsible behaviour during the pregnancy, the delivery,  the postpartum period, and the preparation for the newborn care.

The entire service is geared to ensuring that the expectant mothers and their partners feel supervised and accompanied, during the pregnancy, the delivery and the newborn care.

Theoretical and practical workshops:

The theoretical classes embrace all aspects in relation to pregnancy, delivery, pain reduction techniques, breastfeeding, newborn care, postpartum, sexuality and contraception. Furthermore there are presentation series for couples and informational events about baby carriers.

The practical training offers exercises for pain reduction during pregnancy, and the physical preparation of the expecting mothers for delivery, where the main purpose is the training of the pelvic floor.

During the delivery, the assistance is very personal and close, taking care to ensure that the expecting mothers and their partner live a pleasant experience.

Personal care during delivery

On arrival at the clinic, the pregnant woman and her attendant proceed to the Obstetrics Department. A spacious, intimate, discreet and welcoming environment, fully equipped with 5 delivery rooms, a dilatation bath, caesarean operation rooms and an CC&R area designed so that the baby is always with the mother.

In the delivery room, all the aids for pain relief are available: Showers, Pilates balls, lianas, etc. There is also a bed with several positions and several elements that enhance the sensory experience: Aromatherapy, colour therapy and music therapy.

Throughout the delivery, the woman and her partner are accompanied by a multidisciplinary team that takes care of all their needs, eliminates any doubts and ensures that the delivery is an unforgettable experience, always in accordance with the wishes that the expectant mother has set out in her "Birth Plan".

When the woman arrives home with the baby, questions may arise about breastfeeding and other infant care for which there is special counselling that can be accessed through the Maternity Counselling Service. From this point on, individual care is provided.

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  • AIPAP-terra®


AIPAP-terra® is a midwife-led, pelvic floor-focused method of physical preparation for birth.

Studies show that women who use this method to prepare for childbirth are less likely to have a caesarean section or instrumental delivery.

To benefit from the effects of this type of training, at least 10 sessions are recommended, working on strength, flexibility, elasticity and aerobics. We end the class with a little choreography, which allows us to end the class in a relaxed and fun way.

The practical classes we run at Clinica Rotger Birth Preparation include the AIPAP-terra® method as well as elements of other methods that we believe are necessary to complete the physical preparation for pregnancy.