Maternity Preparation

Clinica Rotger has specialists for all fields in relation to pregnancy assistance, the preparation for delivery, the postpartum period, and the newborn care.


The midwives of Clinica Rotger have many years of experience in private medical obstetrics.

The expectant mothers receive a comprehensive care and assistance: medical pregnancy assistance, obstetrics, the initiation of breastfeeding, and postnatal care.

The main objective of the Maternity Ward is to provide the expectant mothers and their partners with assistance and support for a responsible behaviour during the pregnancy, the delivery,  the postpartum period, and the preparation for the newborn care.

The entire service is geared to ensuring that the expectant mothers and their partners feel supervised and accompanied, during the pregnancy, the delivery and the newborn care.

Theoretical and practical workshops:

The theoretical classes embrace all aspects in relation to pregnancy, delivery, pain reduction techniques, breastfeeding, newborn care, postpartum, sexuality and contraception. Furthermore there are presentation series for couples and informational events about baby carriers.

The practical training offers exercises for pain reduction during pregnancy, and the physical preparation of the expecting mothers for delivery, where the main purpose is the training of the pelvic floor.

During the delivery, the assistance is very personal and close, taking care to ensure that the expecting mothers and their partner live a pleasant experience.

Personal care during the childbirth:

During the beginning childbirth pains, the expecting parents are given a comfortable single room in the Clinica Rotger, where their intimacy is protected and they can receive the visit of the persons they wish. They also have access to any pain relief remedy, such as Pilates balls, massage balls, or showers.

The team offers a personal accompaniment during the entire preparatory work.

After the mother has returned home, she has always access to a specialised consultation service through the Maternity Ward, where she receives individual assistance, in case she has questions about breastfeeding.

In order to avoid that the postpartum period is a difficult time, the mothers are offered a series of courses after the childbirth, where they can learn the techniques of baby massages, and different matters in relation to the care and parenting of their children.

Location Fifth floor

Schedule Monday to Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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  • Resistir Moviendo el Esqueleto
  • Y llegó el día
  • Y después del parto, ¿Qué?
  • Método 5P
Resistir Moviendo el Esqueleto

Resistir Moviendo el Esqueleto

Es importante que te muevas, que estés activa. El ejercicio físico durante el embarazo está demostrado que hay menos complicaciones en el embarazo y en el parto.

Descarga aquí la tabla de ejercicios.

Y llegó el día

Y llegó el día

Por fin el momento de terminar el embarazo ha llegado.

Descarga aquí la información.

Y después del parto, ¿Qué?

Y después del parto, ¿Qué?

Toda la información relacionada con el Puerperio: El periodo de tiempo desde después del parto hasta la recuperación de un estado similar al anterior de habernos quedado embarazadas.

Descarga aquí la información.

Método 5P

Método 5P

Reeducación Postural ProPiocePtiva, es un método de reeducación postural propioceptiva, recientemente incorporado entre los servicios de la Clínica Rotger, que sirve para trabajar los músculos perineales y las disfunciones del suelo pélvico, a través de la postura.

El ejercicio sobre un tronco, también consigue mejorar la musculatura abdominal.