The intensive care unit is equipped with advanced technical equipment and expert staff ready to provide special monitoring of the newborn at any time. The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is open around the clock and a neonatologist is present in the clinic at all times. All the work of the unit is coordinated with the obstetrics department –Delivery at Clínica Rotger“.


Specialised care and technology

Eight state-of-the-art incubators enable permanent cardiopulmonary monitoring of the respective newborn and control of its weight and temperature.

The department also has high flow oxygen therapy equipment. It also has two heated baby beds and an isolation area to prevent infections.

The delivery room has two resuscitation units and a transport incubator.

These units allow for comprehensive care of the newborn, if necessary, and offer the security of being able to treat the most common complications in newborns from the first moment. These are mainly breathing difficulties, infectious processes and heart or metabolic problems.

The best specialists in Cardiology and Radiology work in coordination with the NICU of Clinica Rotger to ensure care at birth and in the postnatal period as quickly as possible.

Finally, the NICU's open door policy allows parents to visit the Unit at any time to enjoy contact with their baby and participate in the basic care of their newborn.

Location Fifth floor

Schedule Open Door Policy
24 hours 365 days

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  • Pruebas de Screening
Pruebas de Screening

Pruebas de Screening

Antes del alta, se realizan las pruebas de screening auditivas, metabólicas y cribado de cardiopatías congénitas. El centro ofrece además, la posibilidad de ampliar el estudio neonatal mediante la misma prueba del talón, con un análisis genético para la detección precoz de sordera de origen genético, intolerancias alimentarias o las 42 enfermedades metabólicas congénitas.

La detección precoz de estas patologías resulta eficaz en el control de la manifestación de enfermedades graves o incluso mortales.

Por último, se ofrece a los padres continuar con los controles de seguimiento del primer mes de vida del bebé, con los profesionales de la Clínica Rotger.