About Us

Since the beginning Clínica Rotger has always been characterized by a very professional medical care and a meticulous user and patient service. After more than seventy-five years these principles are totally unchanged and reflect the spirit and substance of Clínica Rotger.

The clinic was inaugurated in 1944 in Calle Bernardo Riera and, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Ramón Rotger Moner and his wife Mrs Catalina Salas it was regarded at the time as a modern healthcare centre, equipped with the latest advances in medicine, where significant progresses in surgery were implemented.

Originally the clinic was opened with 19 rooms and in 1963 it was extended to seventy rooms. Later, already under the direction of Dr. Fernando Rotger Salas and Mrs Rosa María Regí Font, and with the aim to give an impetus to health care, they acquired, in 1991, the former Clínica Mare Nostrum. This laid the ground for a health centre with a complete portfolio of services, modern equipment, 140 rooms and personalized medical care.

Currently the clinic has spacious refurbished facilities in the areas for emergencies, intensive care, outpatient care, inpatient care and surgery, to provide a health care quality at the same level as the best hospitals of the country.

All employees and operators of the clinic are highly qualified professionals and share the commitment to give personalized and professional attention to the patients who come to the only hospital in the city centre which is equipped with all medical and surgical services.

Faithful to its founding principles to provide the patients with an advanced medical care, Clínica Rotger constituted in 2015 the “Integración Sanitaria Balear”, a strategic partnership with Quirónsalud, the leading hospital group in Spain, which enables a permanent progress by a constant update of services and installations, and to maintain the absolute commitment to health and well-being of the patients, which led to the creation of the clinic.

In the years 2018 and 2019, Clínica Rotger was recognized as best private medical centre of the Balearic Islands for the rate of medical excellence, which is hold every year to evaluate: the care quality, the in-patient service, the comfort and satisfaction of the patients, the innovative capacity, the personalized care and the resource efficiency.

Welcome to our Clinic

Eighth Floor at
Clínica Rotger

Virtual visit of the new floor for inpatient care at Clínica Rotger.

The floor disposes of 21 rooms which are equipped with the most sophisticated technology and highest comfort. Our patients are attended by specialists of the prestigious medical team of Clínica Rotger and by a specialized medical care staff, also in English and German.

The care unit occupies the eighth floor of Clínica Rotger, located in the heart of the city, and allows our patients to enjoy fabulous views to the sea and the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.