Breast lift and augmentation, liposuction, rejuvenation …

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    Breast Surgery

    · Female and male breast surgery
    · Areola and nipple surgery
    · Gynecomastia
    · Tuberous breast correction
    · Breast augmentation
    · Breast reduction
    · Breast lift
    · Replacement of breast prosthetics

    Body Contouring Surgery

    · Abdominoplasty
    · Liposuction
    · Lipectomy
    · Arm and thigh lift surgery
    · Lipofilling or autologous lipotransfer, a technique by which autogenous fat is harvested from a donor site and reinjected into the area to be treated
    · Bariatric surgery and reduction of body volume

    Other Surgeries

    · Facial rejuvenation and neck lift
    · Rhinoplasty
    · Otoplasty
    · Blepharoplasty
    · Genital surgery
    · Reconstructive surgery
    · Microsurgery



    Breast lift and augmentation, liposuction, rejuvenation …