Location: 1st floor
Direct telephone: 971 448 535
Timetable: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00

The Respiratory Medicine department at Clinica Rotger consists of a team of Pulmonology specialists with many years of practical clinical experience based on the highest levels of excellence.  The team is completed by two specialist nurses.
The services offered feature general external consultation and a specialised consultation unit (General pulmonology. Specialised consultation unit: solitary lung nodule and lung cancer; obstructive lung diseases: asthma and EPOC; low prevalence lung diseases; pulmonary hypertension, bronchiectasis and interstitial lung disease; pleural diseases; treatment for tobacco addiction). The unit also offers a consultancy service for patients who have already been admitted to the hospital.
The Respiratory Medicine department offers the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques within the field, such as general bronchoscopy: either scheduled or emergency, the study of pleural conditions or pulmonary function tests. The latter are carried out in the pulmonary function laboratory and feature the latest equipment for simple or forced spirometry tests, lung volume measurement via plethysmograph, diffusion capacity to carbon monoxide, measurement of nitric oxide exhalation, simplified stress test: 6 minute walking test and evaluation of surgical risk. 
Dr. Ernest Sala Llinás
Dr. Enrique López Bermejo Muñoz
Dra. Nuria Toledo Pons