Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the hospital located?
The hospital occupies an entire building of historical significance in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, with entrances on Via Roma 3 (disabled access) and on Santiago Russiñol 9. The entrance to the emergency ward is located on Santiago Russiñol 11 and affords access both for vehicles as for pedestrians.
There is a public car park a few metres away

Is this a private or public health centre?
The clinic is a private centre and has been since it was founded in 1944

Are there any interpreters at the clinic?
Yes, we have a team of multilingual staff available 24 hours a day in order to support our international patients with their procedures or to act as interpreters between patients and the healthcare providers. We also have a simultaneous interpreting service for conferences at our disposal in over 50 languages. Please get in touch with our International Service by phoning on +34971448555 or by sending an email to

 Which medical insurance companies do you work with?
We work with all private medical insurances, both national and international, as well as with travel and accident insurance companies.  For a list of the main companies consult the list on  this page. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

I do not have medical insurance, can I be treated at the clinic? 
Of course.  Please feel free to contact us.  We are sure we will find a way to adapt to your needs via our Medical Solutions programme. We will be happy to provide you with a no-strings-attached quotation.

How can I make an appointment? 
By phoning us directly on the phone number corresponding to each service or specialty, or by phoning our International Service on +34 971448555. You may also use our appointment form, which requires you to provide all your details so that we can get in touch with you.

What are the clinic's opening times?
The clinic is always open.  For further information on the timetables applicable to certain services or departments, please visit the section entitled  MEDICAL SPECIALTIES on this website.

When is the Accident and Emergency Ward open?
Our emergency service is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals offers general medicine emergency care, as well as pediatric and traumatology services. There are also always other specialists on duty in case their help is needed.  All of the above benefits from permanent support provided by the Radiodiagnostics department and Clinic Analysis Laboratory.

Can I access my clinical analysis test results online?
Yes, as long as you have signed the application form at the Analysis Centre beforehand.  If so, then you can access your results through  this link

What are the visiting times in place for visiting patients?
Visits to patients' rooms are unlimited, unless the supervising doctor has indicated otherwise. Even so, we recommend patients are not visited before 9am or after 9pm, in order to ensure our patients get the rest they need. In this vein, we advise limiting the number of visitors during the day to avoid large crowds and excessive noise levels.

If your next of kin has been admitted to the Intensive Care unit, visits are limited to the following times:
From 08.00 to 08:30.
From 13:00 to 14:00.
From 20:00 to 21:00.
The doctor will inform family members at 14:00.

What paperwork is required upon admittance to the clinic? 
You will need authorisation from your insurer, your medical insurance card, your ID, any pre-operatory test results and signed informed consent forms which your doctor may have indicated as required.

What personal items will I need to have with me upon admittance to the clinic? 
Pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers; your personal effects and any regular medication.

I am going to give birth in your clinic, what clothes do I need to bring for my baby? 
If you are planning on having a natural birth, you should bring 6 babygros, 4 pyjamas and an outfit for the baby to wear on the day you are released from hospital.
If you may be having a Caesarean Section, then we recommend bringing more babygros and pyjamas as you will be staying at the hospital for a longer period of time.
All nappies, toiletries, bottles etc are provided directly by our nursery service.

Are there any limits in place when it comes to using mobile phones or other electronic devices? 
You are free to use these devices on site, except for in technical zones; but we do ask that your respect the other patients at all times and try not to disturb their rest. 

Do all rooms have TV and Wi-Fi access?
Yes, all rooms are equipped with a satellite TV with channels in various different languages as well as Wi-Fi access.   If you are interested in using these services please ask for further information at the International Service.   

What other services does the clinic offer?  
We provide free daily Spanish newspapers, have an on-site cafe/restaurant, a children's play area, meeting room and a chapel.

What time do I need to leave the clinic once I have been given my medical discharge report?
We ask that you please vacate your room within an hour of having been discharged by your doctor so that it can be prepared for another patient.