• Medical degree and residency
    • Degree in Medicine, University of Valencia, 1976
    • Residency at the Oncology Institute of Valencia, 1978-1981
    • Specialist degree in Oncology, 1983
  • Professional experience
    • Head of the Oncology Department, Clinica Rotger, since 1998
    • Attending physician, Oncology Unit, Son Llàtzer Hospital Foundation, 2002-2012
    • Tenured specialist, Son Dureta Hospital, Palma de Mallorca
    • Temporary attending physician, Oncology Department, General Hospital, Alicante
    • Temporary attending physician, Medical Oncology Department, La Fe Hospital, Valencia
    • Tenured attending oncologist, Oncology Institute of Valencia
  • Languages
    • Spanish
    • Catalan
    • English


  • Specific treatments of gastrointestinal, urological, skin, breast, gynaecological tumours

Dr. Antonio Arrivi García-Ramos in the media