Location: 5th Floor

Clinica Rotger offers comprehensive assistance during the whole of maternity: from monitoring pregnancies, to birth and post-partum assistance, attending both to the mother and to her baby. From the prenatal course, with its audiovisual presentations and preparatory fitness classes held in a room designed specifically for this purpose, to the care provided by a neonatal paediatrician present at the time of birth.

The nursery for newborns in located on the 5th floor, far away from general circulation and is able to isolate infectious newborns if necessary.

A paediatrician and a midwife are available 24 hours a day should their services be required.

The Neonatal Unit (the only unit of its kind within a private hospital on the island) is equipped with all the latest technology. Newborns are constantly monitored and attended to by highly qualified professionals.
The unit is open to parents, except for in very exceptional cases, so that they can be with their child for as much time as possible thereby facilitating contact and promoting the bonding process with their baby.
It has been designed with lots of light and a floral décor (artist: José Mª Sicilia) promoting a serene and tranquil environment which is extremely important for the recovery of the newborns.
This new Neonatal ward is equipped with the following:
  • 7 incubators with scales and 2 thermal cots, all monitored using a central unit.
  • Isolation room for infectious conditions.
  • High frequency volumetric respirometers, phototherapy lamps, nasal CPAP, capnography modules, nitric oxide etc.
  • Resuscitation trolley.
  • Office and room for the neonatal paediatrician on duty 24 hours a day.
  • Lounge area with individual lockers for parents. WC.
The clinic has three delivery rooms and a surgery for c-sections, with thermal tables for use during reanimation and exploration of the newborn.
Dra. Eva Beltrán Arasa
Dª Cristina Maroto García
Dr. Alberto Salas Balestin
Dr. Arthur Sharluyan Petrosyan
Dr. Ignacio Benítez Segura
Dª Susanne Vetter