Location: 3rd floor
Direct telephone: 971 721 827
Timetable: Monday to Thursday from 16:00 to 18:30

This is the clinic's Transfusion Department. The department has its own team of nursing staff, with a great deal of experience within this field.  The team is led by two doctors who specialise in Haematology and Hemotherapy and who have been dedicated to Hemotherapy for a long time now. The department works very closely with the Clinical Haematology and Clinical Analysis units.

Its main function is to maintain and manage Clinica Rotger's Hospital Blood Bank and provide hemotherapeutic services within the clinic and to some external hospital centres which, due to size limitations, do not have their own Transfusion service. The units are provisioned by the Balearic Islands' Blood and Tissue Bank (Banc de Sang i de Teixits de les Illes Balears). A network of fridges and freezers which are specifically reserved for this purpose, and which undergo rigorous temperature monitoring, ensure that the blood and hemocomponents are stored in optimal conditions at all times.

The unit prepares and carries out the many different types of transfusions which may be required by patients (red blood cells, fresh plasma, platelets, cryoprecipitates, etc.) It carries out the studies necessary prior to a transfusion in order to ensure complete compatibility and the quality of the products to be transfused.  Strict traceability protocol is followed during the entirety of the process (donor-receiver).

The department boasts an Auto-transfusion Programme which utilises prior deposits and allows for the replacement of blood loss with the patient's own blood during scheduled surgeries.

If so requested by our medical specialists, the department can also prepare platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the patient's own blood, a product which contains a large amount of tissue growth factors that help to restore the integrity of damaged tissues more quickly.

The unit has a highly skilled Immunohaemotology Laboratory which, apart from carrying out compatibility tests prior to transfusions, undertakes gestational immunohaematology controls, foetal-maternal compatibility in umbilical cords for all newborns, the study and diagnosis of haemolytic anaemia and general immunohaematological issues. It is one of the leading Immunohaematology laboratories on the island.

The department follows a Quality Management system which has been certified by the ISO 9001:2008 which recognises the correct organisation of the service.

Dr. José Luis Antich Rojas
Dª Mariana Canaro Fzymanski
Dr. Alejandro Pablo Formica