Location: 5th floor
Direct telephone: 971 448 500 (ext 4540)
  • Mornings: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Afternoons: from Monday to Thursday

Course available in English and German: request further information

The Antenatal Course has as its main aim to provide women and their partners with all the tools they need to be able to act responsibly during their pregnancy, birth, post-partum and whilst caring for their newborn. We aim to ensure that this period is a natural and positive one, unique to each mother, and that they are fully supported by up to date healthcare services. The course is divided into three parts: first trimester, third trimester and post-partum.
  • First trimester: a session which explains the physical and psychological changes experienced during pregnancy and their adequate care.
  • Third trimester: 8 theory based sessions which discuss pregnancy, labour, lactation, caring for a new born, post-partum, contraception and documentation. 8 practical sessions during which the expectant mothers performs a series of exercises and takes part in workshops on the pelvic floor, massage, breastfeeding and how to take care of a newborn.  Additional sessions: a talk directed at fathers, a talk on baby carriers and a talk on post-partum recovery.
  • Post-partum: 8 sessions with mother and baby where a different subject is discussed every week and mothers learn how to safely massage their baby.
Carmen García
Mª Antonia Ramón Frau
Isabel Renuart Buisan
Cristina Sáez